Self Service Car Wash

$2 vacuums and
$3 for 4 min of wash

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Credit and Debit Cards Taken at all Locations

Whale of a Wash offers self-service car wash services for those who like to wash their own vehicle.

Our high-pressure hose uses soft water to break away all of the dirt and grime on your vehicle, and doesn’t leaving any unsightly spots. The specialty soaps we use are professional grade, our top-rated vacuum services suck up all the dirt, and our heavy-duty brushes all work together to get your vehicle sparkly clean!

Benefits and Tips

Self-Service Car Wash Benefits:

  • Costs less than an automatic car wash
  • Can help to preserve your vehicles paint job
  • Extremely convenient, as everything is all set up and ready to go
  • Access to the best car washing soaps
  • Access to a high-powered washing hose
  • You can wash your car exactly how you want it to be washed!

Self-Service Car Wash Tips:

  • Bring plenty of change (quarters and one dollar bills)
  • Remove everything out of your vehicle, i.e. floor mats, before putting money into the machine
  • Is your vehicle really dirty? Choose the pre-soak or pre-wash option
  • Don’t forget to wash your tires!

Forgot to bring something? Our vending machines are stocked!

$2 vacuums and $3 for 4 min of wash

Are You a Car Collector?

Are you or someone you know a true car enthusiast? Or a car collector? When you have special vehicles that need some extra special attention, you can feel comfortable bringing them to Whale of a Wash for their self-serve washing services. When you do, you and only you has complete control over washing your special car, as only you know the best way your specialty vehicles should be washed.

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