Why Choose Us?

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Whale of a Wash offers their customers two different types of car washing services: self-service and touchless car washing.

At Whale of a Wash, we like to give our customers choices!

Self-Service Car Washes

Our self-service car washing amenities are the perfect choice for car owners who want to take full control over washing their vehicle. Our self-service area is the perfect place to bring any-sized vehicle. There are many people who collect cars or have specialty cars that they don’t want anyone else to touch, which is completely understandable, making a self-service car wash a perfect choice for them.


 We are the only self-serve car wash in the FM area. Come see the difference!

    Touchless Car Washes

    Our touchless car washing services are top-quality! If you have concerns about your vehicle getting scratched, we invite you to use our touchless car washing services. Touchless is a specific car washing process that uses 5 different components to get your dirty vehicle clean, which is getting more popular amongst car owners who want to keep their vehicles looking their very best.

    5 Components of a Touchless Car Wash System

    1. Superior Water Quality
    2. Perfect Water Temperature
    3. Blend of Chemistry
    4. A Little Time
    5. Water Pressure

     Any questions? Contact our team here at Whale of a Wash now for the answers.

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